Ordering Instructions

Hankin Brothers Cap Company
1910 Genesee Street Buffalo, NY 14211

Phone: 716 892-8840
FAX: 716 892-0383
Email: hankinbroscapco@roadrunner.com

Ordering Data and Instructions

  1. SURCHARGES – All quotations are based on Quantities of One Dozen or more of the same item.
  2. STYLE – Please give Style Number; description of cap; if conventional construction, advise sizes; if optional “*Adjust-A-Size”, note and advise size ranges.  (*U.S. Patent No. 4,481,681)
  3. VISOR – Please designate Visor. See below shapes available.
  4. BUTTONS – Please designate Buttons: “Gold” or “Silver”, “P”, “F.D.”, or “Plain”.
  5. BADGE EYELETS(S) – All caps with single badget eyelet; if none desired, advise. If double badge eyelets desired, advise whether Horizontal or Vertical; and dimensions from center to center of eyelets.
  6. OTHER INFORMATION – Advise any other pertinent information, such as Black Ventilated Mesh Braid over Open Cane; whether Soutache or Braid; Cord Trim; Bullion Embroidered Visor, etc.

If You Don’t See What You Want, Ask For It!

We Make All Styles of Uniform Caps to Your Specifications, Either Our Cloth or Yours (Cut, Make, Trim).


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